Company Introduction

Mhmarkets is a leading foreign exchange and CFD broker in the world, mainly providing trading services in foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, index products, digital currencies and other CFD. We provide first-class products and services to meet the needs of the most mature retail and institutional clients around the world. With rich experience in the financial market and strong industry knowledge, mhmarkets provides you with excellent trading conditions, ultra fast execution speed and excellent client support, so that our clients can raise their trading level to a new level. At the same time, we also provide you with professional market analysis and rich learning resources. Regardless of your investment experience, mhmarkets can help you to better trade in the active global foreign exchange market. With professional and rich industry background, mhmarkets has grown in scale Large. Our clients have spread to more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Mohicans Markets License

Mohicans Markets PTY LTD is authorized by the Australian investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) to engage in financial derivatives transactions and is strictly regulated. The company registration number is 659247177 and the authorization number is 001296777.

Mohicans Markets DMCC is authorized by the Dubai Multi Commodities Exchange Center (DMCC) to allow trading in various commodities such as gold, diamonds, tea, coffee, and cryptocurrencies. Authorization number: DMCC193473.

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